Felicia Thanheiser
Adress: Uracherstr. 44, 73312 Geislingen an der Steige, Deutschland
Gender: Woman
Language: Deutsch
Born and raised in the beautiful Swabian Alb in the ancestral line of the seers, Felicia grew up as a child with a basic understanding of different levels of perception. She completed her first shamanic training in 2009 with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, followed by energy medicine studies with Puma Fredy Quispe Singona and Dr. Alberto Villol...

    Doris Reiter
    Adress: Wagau 17, 4644 Scharnstein, Deutschland
    Gender: Woman
    Language: Deutsch
    Telefon: 0436766548859
    - Tai-Chi and Qi Gong Trainer - 3-year training in homeopathy - Training in spiritual healing according to Horst Krone - Training in shamanic healing techniques according to Alberto Villoldo - Ongoing further training in Golongpo (planetary singing bowls), yoga teacher, health yoga and children's yoga teacher training, ongoing further training as a herbal shaman?

      Marc Antoine Tschopp
      Adress: La Preneuse, BlackRiver, Mauritius
      Gender: Man
      Language: Deutsch
      Telefon: +230 57547516
      Positive & Energy Psychologist FSP IPPA ACEP I am by your side to Pause, Observe... and Decide to heal the most important person on this planet and be fully to who you truly are.

        Marc Antoine Tschopp
        Adress: Route de Grinchon 17, 3963 Montana-Crans, Switzerland
        Gender: Man
        Language: Deutsch
        Telefon: +41 79 2026966
        Positive & Energy Psychologist FSP IPPA ACEP I am by your side to Pause, Observe... and Decide to heal the most important person on this planet and be fully to who you truly are.

          Ruth Tschümperlin
          Adress: Oberdorfstrasse 5, 8852 Altendorf, Switzerland
          Gender: Woman
          Language: Deutsch
          Telefon: +41 (0)55 440 10 86
          Spiritual life counselling I support and accompany people during a crisis, in difficult life situations, in dealing with dying and death and on their spiritual path. My methods of application are: - Energy medicine according to ancient shamanic wisdom teachings, incl. ceremonies and rituals - Transmission of spiritual healing energies -...

            Nicole Borek
            Adress: Mathias Straße 20, 50676 Köln, Deutschland
            Gender: Woman
            Language: Deutsch, English, Polska, Español
            Telefon: 176 31123854
            Letting go gives us freedom, which is the only condition for happiness. If we are still attached to anything in our hearts - dangers, fears or possessions - we can never be completely free. - Thich Nhat Hanh For me, energetic work is one of the most beautiful ways to achieve inner freedom. I am happy to accompany you on your personal hero's jour...

              Marion Thiel
              Adress: Koblenz, 56076 Koblenz, Deutschland
              Gender: Woman
              Language: Deutsch
              Telefon: 177 5895095
              Dear seekers of spiritual support On the naturalistic, scientific side, many mysteries of nature can be deciphered.  The question of consciousness and the question of the beginning of the world remains a mystery in naturalistic, scientific terms. So it seems to me purely logical to explore and apply favourable healing paths also on the spiritua...

                Mgr. Barbora Večeřová
                Adress: Drobná 144/11, Praha, Czech Republic
                Gender: Woman
                Language: Česky, Deutsch, English
                Telefon: 734494896
                My goal is to show the people the beauty beauty of energy medicine and organize big energy events for huge audience from all over the world What do I offer? workshops, seminars, couching for groups individual energetic treatments, which mostly include: Cleansing of the energy field, Removal of stress factors (so-cal...

                  Carola Fritz
                  Adress: An der Lehmgrube 15, 73466 Lauchheim, Deutschland
                  Gender: Woman
                  Telefon: +49 176 41425151
                  From the shamanic work, I do mainly - the seven chakras cleansing - uncoupling - energetic house cleaning And much more, see my web pages: www.carola-fritz.de

                    Ralph-Ludwig Engelbrecht
                    Adress: Jakob-Bader-Straße 7, D 86381 Krumbach, Deutschland
                    Gender: Man
                    Telefon: 0176 43267289
                    I have been teaching yoga and energetic qigong for more than 30 years since my three-and-a-half-year in-service training as a yoga teacher BDY/EYU. My interest was and is in energy and healing work, first with Reki in 1990, then from 2003 with energy healing, according to Rosalyn L. Bruyere, and now with energy medicine, according to Alberto Villol...

                      Bryan Tevreden
                      Adress: Vrijstraat 2B, Eindhoven, Netherlands
                      Gender: Man
                      Language: Deutsch, English, Dutch

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                        The average price for a classical session1 shaman / 1 client is around 100 EUR per 60 minutes but can also cost e.g. 700 Euro per 60 minutes. The usual session length is 90 minutes. However, please consider this information to be completely superficial! It always depends on the particular shaman, his practice, the client, the situation, the country. The price can also vary according to the type of therapy and techniques… In the Czech Republic, prices are rather at the lower limit compared to the world. Specific prices for 1 session can be found with individual shamans.

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