Who we are?

We are a group of people who have completed shamanic studies with the Four Winds School, founded by Alberto Vilolldo Ph.D.. So, under the guidance of teachers from all over the world, we have become shamans.

We come from different regions and have various paths in life behind us. But the study and, above all, shared interest in energy medicine, complex healing, and finding the path of destiny have brought us together.

That is why we have decided to form a community of shamans, which builds on a common basis of the study of the Four Winds School and which should serve us shamans, but also clients, and thus actually the whole of humanity and the planet.

We honor the traditions and values of shamanic work, but at the same time, we are modern. We use all the usual social media😊 So you can easily connect with us online.

Why Shamans-spa?

Because modern shamans are also ordinary people who work with energies, but also enjoy relaxing and being treated by fellow shamans. We like to exchange methods and our own experiences, and we love to support each other.
Our aim is to meet regularly to enjoy our time together.

Are you a shaman who has completed the complex FourWinds study, and do you want to relax with us?

Then you are very welcome to join us. Feel free to contact info@shamans-spa.com to join our internally friendly support groups. Let your own colleagues pamper and support you.
So you can join our private shamanic wellness weekends and holidays.

If you are not a shaman and are thinking of approaching one of our group to get an individual session from a shaman.

Then you are also in the right place.
Look here: shaman-spa.com/en/shamans to find your nearest and most sympathetic shaman. We also work online, so don’t worry if you can’t find anyone in your immediate vicinity.
Gather courage together and enjoy your life journey with a shaman/s by your side.

What are the typical problems you can turn to us with?

Basically, all those that keep you in check. Typically, these would be, for example, chronic health problems, relationship or work problems, as well as financial or personal, or family problems.

Can you turn to us if you don't have a specific problem and if it "just" calls to you?

Yes, definitely! It is always more effective to deal with a problem earlier, before it manifests itself materially. So we also do preventive examinations. So muster up the courage and get in touch with one of our colleagues. 😊